Tell Congress NO To Government Shutdown!

Tell Congress NO To Government Shutdown!

Dear Friend,
The Republican Party is committed to defunding ObamaCare and to forcing a government shutdown if the Senate doesn't go along.

Of course, the Senate and Obama won't go along.  So, will the Republicans close down the government?

If they do, it will be a disaster for the Republican Party.   A total wipeout.

Here's the polling:

•  Voters oppose ObamaCare = 38-54

•  But they oppose defunding = 38-44

•  And especially oppose shutting down the government = 19-59

If Republicans shut down the government over ObamaCare, we will lose and it will impair our ability to take back the Senate in 2014.

Instead, let's make our stand over the debt limit where the public grasps the importance of cutting spending before incurring more debt.  That fight, in mid-October, is where we should stand firm.

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Dick Morris

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