Tell Congress: No Budget Unless ObamaCare Applies To Them!

Tell Congress: No Budget Unless ObamaCare Applies To Them!

Dear Friend,
The House is set to approve a continuing resolution keeping the government open.  I think that it should set as a condition that the Congress vote to override the decision of the Office of Personnel Management that ObamaCare does not apply to Congress.
Specifically, the government now pays 3/4 of the health care premiums for members of Congress and the staff.  But ObamaCare bars subsidies for anyone making more than $94,000 a year.  Congressmen and Senators make $172,000.
So the Office of Personnel Management, under prompting by Obama, ruled that the subsidy could continue even though the ObamaCare law specifically says that it applies to Congress.
Please sign this petition to demand that Congress overrule the Personnel Office and turn down the subsidy....or, if the Senate does not agree, close down the government.

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Dick Morris

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