Stop Internet Access Tax!

Stop Internet Access Tax!

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Senate Democrats and Republicans, like Enzi of Wyoming, are trying to pull a fast one on Internet users.

Current federal law bans any state from taxing internet access.  But the law expires November 1st.  Now Enzi and the Democrats are threatening to let the law expire -- and the taxing begin -- if Congress does not allow states to impose sales taxes on internet purchases.

We should not allow any taxation of the Internet.  With taxation comes regulation and government control.

Please sign this petition to keep the Internet tax free!

Your signature will count!  We will send an email in your name to your Senators and Congressman telling him or her of your position!

Please get your friends and family to sign this petition too.

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Dick Morris

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Oct 5th, 2017
Someone from Mabank, TX writes:
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This will act in part as a 1st Amendment censor for me as well as others. I already have to pay nearly $80.00 a month for Internet access and $78.00 a month for telephone. Where I live in Texas we are held hostage by "Monopolies" on all our utilities. This on average adds up to around $600.00 plus. Our Home Owners Ins. and State Taxes on a 1400 sq. ft. home is nearly $5,000.00 a year. That eats up nearly half of my income. So you see, more tax is a censor on Freedom of Speech! I hope I do not have to give up eating, but before I give up on communicating. I will get very hungry.
Sep 27th, 2017
Someone from Moncks Corner, SC signed.
Sep 20th, 2017
david d. from Macon, GA writes:
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May 8th, 2017
Katherine B. from Anoka, MN signed.
Jan 4th, 2017
Lawrence B. from Lexington, OK writes:
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Let's tax all communication. That'll keep 'em from airing their grievances.
Nov 13th, 2016
Someone from Port Charlotte, FL signed.
Nov 13th, 2016
Someone from Port Charlotte, FL signed.
Sep 12th, 2016
Someone from Las Cruces, NM signed.
Sep 6th, 2016
Phil and Ruth B. from Bridgeton, MO writes:
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The internet does not belong to ANY country, and so the U.S. federal government has no legal or moral authority to tax, monitor, or in any way control the internet. It is the only uncensored (free from governmental control) source of information that the American people (and people from every country) may have access to, so it must remain free! As restricted by the U.S. Constitution, that the federal government must not tax interstate commerce, Congress has no legal or moral authority to tax, monitor, or in any way control the internet. Finally, the U.S. has no right to earn ANY income from ANY internet citizens, because the U.S. has done nothing (so, it has ZERO expenses incurred) to provide the internet! Only the providers have expenses, and they privately charge users for access, as private commerce is supposed to operate. The sellers in internet commerce already collect state taxes for the states in which they sell. (I maintain that the states do not have the constitutional authority to collect sales taxes on internet sales, because this is interstate commerce, so the state in which I reside has no right to tax a purchase I made in another state. The sales tax only applies to the state in which the selling company resides, and therefore sells products in that state.) Because “current federal law bans any state from taxing internet access,” and the Constitution prohibits states from taxing interstate commerce, this must be maintained, so that any such taxation must not be allowed! The federal government must constitutionally refrain from taxing, or in any other way interfering with, internet access in any form! The states must also be restricted from taxing internet access, in any form!
Sep 5th, 2016
Someone from Greeneville, TN signed.