Sign The Petition Telling The UN To Keep Out Of U.S. Elections!

Sign The Petition Telling The UN To Keep Out Of U.S. Elections!


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As incredible as it sounds, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) -- an arm of the United Nations -- is sending 44 election monitors to observe the U.S. election and report on voter suppression activities at the polls.

The OSCE observers will come from Europe and Central Asia and will be deployed at polling places throughout the United States.  The decision to send them came as a result of talks between the OSCE and US civil rights groups.  Apparently, these groups do not have sufficient confidence in the Eric Holder-led Justice Department.

In our book, Here Come the Black Helicopters: UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom, we warn of the mutation of the United Nations from a service organization designed to help prevent war into a global government, transcending sovereignty and running the world.

Who are the Europeans and Central Asians to check on how we run our elections?  The political system in the United States is significantly freer and less controlled by the government than in any European country and the nations of Central Asia are largely despotic dictatorships.

We should not tolerate this interference by the United Nations in our elections.  It is one thing to monitor dictators like Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin who rig their phony elections, it is quite another to pretend that the United States needs the same kind of oversight.

Since elections are run at the state level, we call upon the various governors to tell the U.N. to keep out of their states.  Please sign this petition which we will send to your state governor telling the United Nations: HANDS OFF OUR ELECTION!

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Dick Morris

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