Protect Internet Freedom; Pass The Dot Com Bill!

Protect Internet Freedom; Pass The Dot Com Bill!

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We've spoken before about the danger that the UN will take over the Internet.  As you may recall, the Internet is now run by a private group called ICANN (Internet Corporation to Assign Names and Numbers) which operates under a contract from the US Department of Commerce.  Commerce rubber stamps ICANN decisions so the Internet can continue to be free.

But now the Commerce Department has said it is not going to renew the contract under which ICANN operates, cutting it loose from the US government.  The United Nations is waiting with open arms to take over.

In December, 2012, 89 nations signed a treaty vesting control of the Net in the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a UN agency headed by a communist from Mali in Africa and a representative of China.  The 89 were all authoritarian regimes and neither the US nor Europe agreed to sign.  Now, with ICANN up for grabs, the gravitational pull could suck it into the UN orbit.

Two Congressmen, Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and John Shimkus (R-Ill.) have introduced legislation to stop the cutting of the ties to ICANN and requiring an extensive study by the Government Accounting Office before Commerce can cut ICANN loose.

The bill, called the Dot Com Act, is up for a vote in the House Commerce Committee tomorrow (Friday, 4/11/14). Please sign this petition urging its passage to protect the Internet from control by oppressive governments acting through the United Nations.

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Dick Morris

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