Privatize The VA!

Privatize The VA!

Dear Friend,

We have all been shocked by the abuses in the VA system, but we shouldn't have been.  This is what we have to expect from a government run and government funded healthcare system.

Sure Shinseki, the embattled Commissioner, should resign.  But the real change is to privatize part of the VA.  Let the VA treat things that are special to military patients: Prosthetic limbs, PTSD, and so forth.  But for heart disease, cancer, and other "civilian" needs, let our vets get their care at the hospital of their choice under the Medicare program.

Don't hold our vets hostage to a system that doesn't work.

Please sign this petition to privatize the VA.  Replacing one man won't solve the problem.  Replacing a government run system will.

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Dick Morris

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