Limit NSA Power!

Limit NSA Power!

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Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, Republican of Wisconsin, was the original author of the Patriot Act.

He now says that the NSA is vastly over-reaching the power the Patriot Act was intended to confer and that it needs to be reined in.

Senator Diane Feinstein, liberal Democrat from California, has introduced a reform bill that Sensenbrenner says is a "joke."  He says Feinstein and the House and Senate Intelligence Committees are "cheerleaders" for the NSA.

He has sponsored a bill called USA Freedom Act that really reins in the NSA.  While preserving their ability to catch terrorists, it bans metadata collection and other domestic snooping on ordinary Americans.

His bill has a real chance.

An earlier effort to rein in the NSA failed by just 7 votes in the House.  Now Sensenbrenner has 107 co-sponsors, including 15 who did not support the earlier effort to control the NSA but now do.

Please sign this petition to back the Sensenbrenner USA Freedom Act.  Get your Congressman to co-sponsor it to get it voted on the House floor.

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Dick Morris

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