Help Us Kill ObamaCare By End Of Year!

Help Us Kill ObamaCare By End Of Year!

Dear Friend,
The central issue in determining the future of ObamaCare is whether the cancellations of current insurance policies will be allowed to stand.

Already 5-10 million individual policies have been cancelled and another 40-90 million policies, primarily with small employers, are likely to go in 2014.

President Obama's "fix" is phony.

He appears to allow you to keep your cancelled policy for another year.  BUT, you insurance company must approve it AND so must your state insurance commissioner.

The Obama people are working the phones to persuade as many state commissioners as possible to demand that cancellations continue and not permit them to be rescinded.

Cancellations are vital to the future of ObamaCare.  It cannot survive without them.  Without cancellations, 85% of Americans will hold onto their current policies with which they are happy, surveys report.  That will leave only sick and old people in the ObamaCare exchanges which will drive up premiums and further limit their market.  Then, ObamaCare will die because of too few enrollments.

So now we have to mobilize on two fronts:

(a) We must persuade our state insurance commissioners to rescind the cancellations; and

(b) We must pressure Congress to rescind them.

State Commissioners

So far, Commissioners in eight states have refused to allow cancellations to be rescinded: New York, Mass, VT, RI, Minn., Wash., MD, and IN.  We must try to stop the others from joining them!

Please sign this petition and we will tell your commissioner of your opinion.


The House has passed the Upton Bill to rescind the cancellations, but only if the insurance company agrees.  If he does, it allows the policies to continue indefinitely.

The Senate has before it two bills sponsored by Democrats -- Udall of CO and Landrieu of LA -- to require states to allow the continuation of cancelled health care plans whether or not the insurance company -- or commissioner -- approves.

When you sign this petition, we will notify your Congressman and Senators.

Please get your friends and family to sign this petition!  This is life or death for ObamaCare.  If we can rescind the cancellations, it amounts to a de facto repeal of ObamaCare!

We'll add your email address to our Alerts list to keep you posted on progress and let you know if we need to take further action.

Dick Morris

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