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Dear Friend,

The Inspector General's report says that several FBI agents and officials received gifts from journalists in violation of FBI rules.  We need Inspector General Horowitz to tell us who the FBI agents were and who the journalists were.  Both should be prosecuted for the crime of bribery.

We must end the payoffs by the media to the FBI.  These "gifts" included, according to the IG, tickets to sports events, concerts, free dinners and lunches, and other things of value.

We have all wondered at the avalanche of leaks that were showered on President Trump oil the opening year of his presidency.  Now it is time for an accounting.  Please sign the attached petition to demand a grand jury investigation and indictments of both FBI officials and journalists who took part in the bribery.

WE, the Undersigned, demand that the Justice Department immediately convene a grand jury to hear evidence of gifts from journalists to FBI agents in the past few years.  We demand prosecution for bribery of both the FBI officials and the journalists who preferred these gifts.

Please sign this petition to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding immediate action.  Please get as many of your friends and family as possible to sign!

Your signature will count!  We will send an email in your name to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions telling them of your position!

We'll add your email address to our Alerts list to keep you posted on progress and let you know if we need to take further action.

Thank you,

Dick Morris

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